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BHS SoftballSummer Conditioning

By Jennifer Maloney 04/23/2020, 2:00pm EDT

Tryouts for the 2020-2021 season will take place closer to the end of July.

We finally have the green-light to share all the information about starting conditioning next week on Monday June 8th.  Keep in mind that participation in conditioning is voluntary and should you choose to not have your daughter participate it will have no effect on whether your daughter makes the team when we have tryouts. Please read over all the information and let me know by Sunday what you decide to do.  I must submit final group rosters to our athletic trainers on Sunday.  We want to get the girls together and see them, but we also support any family’s decision to wait until later in the summer.  

 But here are the times and rules for softball conditioning for the duration of this phase.

Phase I “Return to Conditioning” Plan -Softball Brookwood High School

A.   COVID-19 Waiver - All athletes must have a signed waiver before being allowed to participate.  YOU MUST HAVE THIS TO PARTICIPATE.  Please print and bring with you on Monday June 8th. 

B.   Two conditioning groups: SEE ATTACHED PDF make sure your daughter’s name is on the list.  If not email me so I can add it.  If her name is not on the list before we start she will not be permitted to participate in conditioning for the duration of this phase. There will also be no switching groups once we have started.

    1. Group 1--10th 12th Grade- led by Coaches Jennifer Maloney, Coach Parham and Rachel McElroy 
    2. Group 2--Rising 9th Grade - led by Coaches Jennifer Maloney, Coach Shelnutt and Kyle Chambers 

C.     Schedule (check in time listed first, pick up listed second):  At home workouts will also be posted on our website.

    1. Monday: 8:30-9:45 Group 1, 9:45-11:00 Group 2
    2. Tuesday: 8:30-9:45 Group 1, 9:45-11:00 Group 2
    3. Wednesday: at home workout to be given out on Tuesday 
    4. Thursday: at home workout to be given out on Tuesday
    5. Friday: at home workout to be given out on Tuesday

D.     Summer Conditioning Drop-Off and Pickup Instructions--See attached map

    1. Drop off area: fieldhouse (via Dave Hunter Way) - parents will drop off athletes at the fieldhouse and drive through the fieldhouse parking lot to exit at Dogwood and Webb Gin House Road intersection. (Follow red arrows)
    2. All coaches and athletes will need to be screened daily upon drop-off
    3. Coaches and athletes are required to wear a mask/face covering while waiting to be screened (can be removed for workouts) to provide protect themselves and others
    4. All coaches and athletes will need to arrive at the screening station (Fieldhouse)15 minutes before group start time to ensure adequate time for screenings
    5. If any athletes show up with less than 10 minutes to start time they will be sent home
    6. Any athletes that arrive during the middle of the session will be sent home
    7. The drop-off location will be at the gate by the side of the Fieldhouse
    8. The screening station will be located in the lobby of the Fieldhouse
      1. Coaches and athletes will enter the Fieldhouse through the front door and will be screened there in the lobby
      2. X’s will be marked on the ground upon entry to keep everyone at least 6 ft. apart
    9. After being screened, athletes and their coach(es) will stand together as a group until all members of the group have been screened, coaches will then lead the group to a designated practice location
    10. Parents/rides cannot stay on campus in any location until practice is over. They must leave after drop-off and not return until the designated pickup time
    11. Pickup: (Follow yellow arrows)
      1. At the end of each group practice, coaches will be responsible for keeping their group of athletes together until they are picked up
      2. Groups should wait at the steps/curb of the Maroon Gym Lobby (outside)
      3. Groups should not intermingle while waiting to be picked up or while going to their cars
      4. Athletes should be picked up no later than 15 minutes after the end of practice
      5. Parents should enter from the traffic light on Dogwood Rd.


E.     Practice location: softball field, concrete bleachers, stadium 

F.     Other procedures:

    1. Self-screening - Parents are encouraged to “self-screen” athletes before sending them to practice (fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, loss of taste, close contact, etc.), if in any doubt you are encouraged to stay home
    2. Restrooms - The restrooms at the softball field will be open for practice, sanitized by custodial staff daily, athletes will help to keep restrooms sanitary during the day
    3. Water - Athletes are responsible for bringing their own water bottles, there will be no shared drinking fountains
    4. Parking - Athletes who drive must park in the Holly Brook parking lot, not in the fieldhouse parking lot and walk down to the screening location.  Please plan extra time to park an walk so you can be there on time. 
    5. Personal possessions - Athletes are encouraged to leave cell phones and other valuables at home, they bring them at their own risk.  Players will be able to place phones/keys in dugout 1 at a time upon arrival at the field.  Bring as little with you as possible. 
    6. No towels allowed at practice. 
    7. No practice spectators - campus is closed to non-athletes
    8. Check Dragonfly to make sure you have a physical on file.  Refer to my last email for instructions and guidelines on extensions of expired physical for returning players. 


​If you have any questions please let me know!!

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